Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Slice of Humble Pie

Insomnia at midnight.

I don't know what it is, but I feel God is somehow, and in some way, trying to wake me up from this work-a-holic, living life for self mode I've had over these past few weeks. It's not been glorifying, or edifying for that matter, especially when He's given me beautiful time away from the due dates and assignments and stress of the school year. So what's my deal? Micah 6:8 was my sweet reminder this evening. It's one of those verses I've had memorized for years, but I really haven't given it much thought. But God does require us to walk humbly with Him, living a life for others and devoting ourselves to His name. So much easier said then done.

Thankfully I have people in my life who can call me out and keep me accountable, and in the midst of my faults, they still love me as I am and only want what's best for me. As my mom has always told me, JOY = Putting Jesus first. Others second. Yourself last. So Lord, I need and am willing to find that sparkle in my life again.

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