Saturday, July 3, 2010

Carolina Girls We're Unforgettable

Some vacay photos!

Quick bits of the day:
  • Carolina Beach is sketchy. Wrightsville is much classier.
  • I went a day without coffee today. How strange.
  • Figure 8 Island tomorrow and second set of fireworks. So pumped! Happy July 4th y'all!
  • My lips are chapped which I'm not too happy about.
  • My henna tattoo of a starfish was a waste of money. But my gelato tonight was not.
  • I can't handle gory movies. (CNN, this is directed to you.)
  • Got a call out of the blue today...don't know how I feel about that. Hmm.
  • We're recording our version of California Gurls right now. And crazy enough, it actually sounds professional. Thank you auto-tune and musical best friends. Oh and Travy Trav on the radio.
  • On my list of things I need: A This is not my boyfriend--> t-shirt. Enough said.
  • Update of orientation/fall classes: History prereq for journalism, Stat at 8 am, Aerobics, Major American Authors, and First-year seminar Romance Languages. And two recitations. Let's just say I need to do some major drop-add in August. Eek. But anywho, orientation went pretty swell, loved my roomie and got to meet some nice people. People are so freaking more friendly (eh, grammar?) in college!
  • Confession: I don't want to go home on Monday. Back to the grind and back to reality.
And last but not least the thirty day challenge update...
Day Eighteen: A time when you felt passionate and alive
Specifically, my mission trips to Costa Rica and Islandmorada, Florida pop into my head. At first I wasn't too thrilled on going on either of the trips, for many of my close friends weren't coming along with me. But throughout the two experiences, I realized that making a difference and serving others was greater than my own selfish ambitions. I did feel alive, like I was somehow being a part of something undeniably fulfilling. God. is. so. good.

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  1. I have been dying to do a mission trip, but my free time always seems to fill up so quickly so I can never find the time to!


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