Thursday, November 10, 2011

Swan and Shadow

It's been almost a month since I've blogged, and this time, it hasn't been because I've been too busy. My love for writing comes and goes, and it got to the point where posting every week was becoming more of a hassle than anything else. I've had a lot on my mind the past month or so, too much to fully allow myself to pour my thoughts out in writing.

But I'm back, still in shock that it's November and I'm almost halfway through with sophomore year. Before I know it, I'll be in a cap and gown receiving my diploma. Or hopefully receiving one, if I can get through school.

I'll give you a quick recap of the past month.
Declared a minor in Southern Studies, had a wonderful Halloween and Parent's Cocktail, visited Vanderbilt, became a certified addict to 3 cups of coffee a day, helped Cam choose her wedding dress, spent more time reading emails and browsing pinterest than doing homework, and got a job at The Daily Tar Heel. My little also started her own blog, and one of my best friends here at school started blogging for Scope Magazine found here. Holla.

Also, I just couldn't help posting this poem today. We're discussing it in one of my classes, and I love that the meaning and the shape of the poem go hand-in-hand. Beautiful.

Swan and Shadow
It's good to be back.

Monday, October 3, 2011

October Goals

Rabbit rabbit.
Skipped the nap and chose to blog in the kitchen, thanks to Hannah's encouragement and a cup of iced coffee. Here's a couple pictures from the weekend:
October. For me, it's a month stacked with fall festivities, midterm exams, and weekend trips.

This past weekend, after coming back from Greenville, I spent my Sunday relaxing at home. And it was lovely. Life at school has been so fast-paced that it almost felt like I've forgotten how to just take a deep breath and give my body some time to rejuvenate. My mom made my favorite chicken salad and vegetable soup and I cuddled in a blanket on the couch for most of the afternoon. And of course we shopped a little too, hitting up Marshalls and T.J. Maxx as per usual. (I bought a beautiful new suitcase for fall break!) It was just like those Sunday afternoons I remember in high school. A day of rest, not a day of cramming for the exams I put off studying for. I desperately needed that yesterday.

I've realized that I won't be able to spend much time with my family until Thanksgiving, besides a couple day trips back to Raleigh here and there. It's a little sad, to say the least, because I've missed those comforts that being home can only give you. Growing up isn't always what it's cracked up to be, y'all.

This week's a bit easier, so I'll finally have some time to get my life back on track in terms of mental sanity, exercise, and sleep.

The goals--
Take time to unwind. At least give myself one or two afternoons/nights a week to sip pumpkin lattes, watch Hulu, or catch up with friends...just because.
On that note, I do need to get ahead in the schoolwork department before the weekend hits. Since I have yet to get anything accomplished on Fridays and Saturdays.
Get on the ball with studying abroad. (Long story, but it's looking like a semester abroad has instead turned into a few weeks during the summer. Just can't bear being away from Carolina for that long.)
Clean out my closet. Summer things out. Fall things in.
Give others a chance, even if I don't see any point or immediate result right away.
Accept challenges in school as beneficial and rewarding.
Stop seeking security and instead focus on developing my patience.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mallard Ball Eve = the equivalent of Christmas Eve

Well almost.

This weekend (excuse me, the next few weekends) are going to be a blast. Between Mallard Ball, the ECU/UNC game, wedding and bridesmaid dress shopping, Gatlinburg, and NASHVILLE, I can hardly contain myself.

Sophomore year, I'm really lovin' you. Need I say more?
Here's a photo of MBall last year...of course I was sporting the neon orange vest and the short haircut. Not so cute. This year, I'm stepping up my game.

And now on to wedding ideas, Cam here's my current pinterest loves:

Friday, September 23, 2011


This year, I'm going to have the privilege to work as Assistant Features Editor for Scope, UNC's fashion and lifestyle magazine. After hearing more about it from the Senior Features Editor, coincidentally another ADPi who I absolutely adore, I knew it was something I wanted to try for myself. The magazine puts together four issues throughout the school year, as well as a few premier parties and a spring fashion show.

Stephanie, the Senior Features Editor, gave me some great advice yesterday that I thought I would post, just as little reminders to myself.
-- Fashion editorial or other magazine writing/pr or marketing type jobs are influential and successful careers, don't let anyone tell you they're not. Even if you're not going to law school or med school or studying to be on the high end of the business world, doesn't mean you're a failure.
-- Follow your heart. However cliche this may sounds, it's probably one of the best phrases of inspiration out there. If you've always wanted to work for a specific company or write what you love most, then find a way and pursue it.
-- Don't let anyone bring you down. Whoever that may be. Guys, professors, your friends, or your parents.
-- Play up your strengths. Always, always, always.

Friday, September 16, 2011

a fresh breath of fall

Don't these potato wedges just look divine?

It's a given. Fall is my favorite time of year.

For one, the clothes. Two, the food. Three, all the activities and events, little things to look forward to that make the days slip by. Even though midterms are creeping up on me soon, this first month of sophomore year has really felt, in essence, like a fresh start. It's been so much more relaxed and enjoyable, which I can partly say in thanks to living in a house. Just having coffee brewed in the morning and a serene chilly walk to class is enough to make me a happy girl.

My week was filled with meetings, movie nights, a mixer at La Res, and homework involving an art history book twice the size of one of those huge family Bibles. And this weekend is another busy one. Big/little reveal, UNC vs. Virginia football game, chapter retreat, a friend's birthday brunch, and I've also got to squeeze some work in and tackle that to-do list of craft projects and errands.

But once again I will comment on how sweet it is to be in Chapel Hill on a crisp "fall-like" Friday.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Life Update

Open house round.
Skit round.
House tours.
Pref night.

Because for one, I have my life back!

Rush is over. It's bittersweet really, after all those hours we put into practicing each and everyday. I now longer have an excuse to not do my homework anymore, but ADPi ended up with some of Carolina's best (and I must say prettiest) girls. From the first round to pref night, I absolutely loved getting to know the girls visiting our house while getting closer to the girls already in my sorority. Rush is a crazy whirlwind of no sleep, mouth aches from smiling so much, and sore bodies, but it probably will remain a highlight of this year. Rush might not be for everyone, but I grew to love (almost) every minute of it.

My best friend is getting married. I woke up to a text with a picture of her ring that read, get ready to start planning a wedding! I don't think I have hyperventilated the way I did that morning. Holy crap. I am so happy for her, and couldn't be more excited for her and her fiancee to start their life together. So in the midst of school and everything going on this year, I have a wedding to help plan. Procrastination at its finest. But I could scream I am so excited for May 12th, 2012.

And on to the last life update. I decided to live in a house next year with my girls right off campus, and I am already about to jump off the wall in excitement. (I've been in this incredible mood ever since I got back to Chapel Hill so please excuse my "I can hardly contain my excitement" expressions). It's going to be so nice, relaxing, and perfect for junior year--I can already feel it.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Things I love, Friday edition.

1. A fresh start to the school year, complete with new professors.
2. Seeing the beginnings of deepening friendships.
3. Ephesians 3:20 which says,
Can someone please remind me of this truth every single day?
4. Lunch dates with good friends.
5. An online boutique called Vestique, created by two NC State girls. Their game day section is the bomb, check 'em out.
6. Quiet morning walks through campus.
7. Busy nights and lazy afternoons.
8. Swapping shoes.
9. The shorts pictured above.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pi Pi ADPi


Back for my second year at Carolina. And it's already been amazing.
I'll begin with stating how much I love living in the house. Living here is certainly different than what I expected. It's not always crazy, I can find peace and quiet when I need it, and there are girls around when I need someone to talk to. I'm pretty sure I can get used to the smell of biscuits in the oven when I wake up for my 8 am and afternoons spent in the rocking chairs on the porch. I'm in a quad room in the back of the house with another sophomore and a junior (pictures to come later when our room is actually together).

The past week has been filled with rush practice, of which has caused my voiceto sound like a dying frog, and of the start of classes. It's such an exciting, exhausting time of year, but I have no complaints as of yet. Seeing the freshman around campus makes me think aboutlast year and how much things have changed since. Maybe it's just because I've gotten used to how things go around here, but I'm loving this calmness and everything is going to work out attitude I'm feeling lately. I sure wish I could tell my freshman self that this time last year.

Off to more studies and memorizing rush songs...
Like it, love it, ADPi.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hebrews 6:19

I love the rest of this verse as well as the next one which says, "It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, where our forerunner, Jesus has entered on our behalf. He has become high priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek."

Beautiful words to meditate on this morning. This kind of certainty and promise is not something the world can offer. Security is something I for one continually seek. Security in school, security in my abilities, security in relationships, security in my image and how others perceive me. But He is the only person who remains steadfast and unchanging. We have to accept that fact before we can fully rest on the hope that He provides.

Going on a bit of a tangent, but if you ever get a chance to stop by Jubala coffee in Raleigh, GO. I've spent this gorgeous morning sipping coffee, being serenaded by Bon Iver, and I am always encouraged by the number of people in here studying God's word. Also, 10% of their profits go directly to families and children in Africa. Man, I really am going to miss this place when I head back to Chapel Hill.
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