Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Oasis?

Not quite.

The North Carolina heat these days can be described in one word. Sweltering. But on the other hand, it's been nice this week to work, talk with people I don't normally see, catch up on sleep, organize, come home to family dinners (with scrumptious key lime pie for dessert!), and have some time to myself. I've never had a summer like this. It's always been dance intensive here, mission trip there, volunteer work, and doing anything and everything to rack up impressive things to put on college applications. But not this summer! I cannot begin to describe how incredible it is to leave high school behind, people and all, and start afresh. Freeing--yes, that is the feeling. Some people are sad, some are bittersweet, but me? I'm free. And come to think of it, that's a summer oasis right there.

Thirty Day Challenge update.
Day Fifteen: A person you admire
[Not exactly a particular person but more of a group of people.] I admire our troops who protect their beloved nation day-in and day-out, without asking for much in return, risking their lives to save ours. In my opinion, they don't have enough of our respect.

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Day Seventeen: An art piece
Edgar Degas The Dance Class
1874 oil on canvas
I've collected postcards and stationary of his paintings ever since I was a little ballet girl myself. They capture the image I have of growing up in an aristocratic dance school or opera house, perhaps somewhere in Europe. Interesting fact: Degas hated the fact that he was known as the "painter of dancers."

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  1. That painting is gorgeous! I've never seen it before, but I absolutely love it!


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