Friday, June 25, 2010

"Celebrate we will, cause life is short but sweet for certain."

DMB is in less than a month! ::jump for joy:: Gosh, I can't hardly wait.

In other news, I have work today. Again. But the thing is, I'm starting to really love my job. I was able to chat with my good friend NSC yesterday (who works at a summer camp as well) and we agreed that having the chance to be in those kids lives, whether for a short period like me or for two months like her, is quite a blessing. Rather than feeling run-down and cranky at the end of my work hours, I feel, in a way, uplifted. Everyone seems to have such a positive attitude when they interact with each other; I can't exactly put my finger on it, but I believe God is teaching me something through this. This past year I struggled with being genuinely content with what God throws my way. Often I would feel sorry for myself, in turn having a horrid attitude, with things that were happening to me and how people were treating me. But that is NOT the way we should respond. God works everything for good for those who love Him. In fact it is actually my privilege to be a light to others, encouraging them and building them up in Christ. So I guess that is what God has been putting on my heart lately, even showing me this truth through my coworkers' lives.

Oh! Here's two new additions to my UNC wardrobe. (Had to edit the first picture to black and white due to my lack of morning beauty)

Carolina hat-$4.99 Marshall's
(with favorite Lilly mug in hand)

Adorable UNC necklace for game days!-grad gift from CNN


  1. Thanks for following my blog! I love yours! and I LOVE your thirty day blog challenge! I think I might have to try this for July bc it's such a cute idea!! I just saw DMB in June it was great!!

  2. Such a cute necklace!!! I may need one for a friend in, ahem, Hokie colors! No offense ;) Cute blog!


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