Friday, September 16, 2011

a fresh breath of fall

Don't these potato wedges just look divine?

It's a given. Fall is my favorite time of year.

For one, the clothes. Two, the food. Three, all the activities and events, little things to look forward to that make the days slip by. Even though midterms are creeping up on me soon, this first month of sophomore year has really felt, in essence, like a fresh start. It's been so much more relaxed and enjoyable, which I can partly say in thanks to living in a house. Just having coffee brewed in the morning and a serene chilly walk to class is enough to make me a happy girl.

My week was filled with meetings, movie nights, a mixer at La Res, and homework involving an art history book twice the size of one of those huge family Bibles. And this weekend is another busy one. Big/little reveal, UNC vs. Virginia football game, chapter retreat, a friend's birthday brunch, and I've also got to squeeze some work in and tackle that to-do list of craft projects and errands.

But once again I will comment on how sweet it is to be in Chapel Hill on a crisp "fall-like" Friday.

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  1. so glad to hear everything is going well at school! This is my third year and I feel like it's great so far. Fall always makes me so happy! Isn't it crazy though that midterms are almost here??


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