Friday, September 9, 2011

Life Update

Open house round.
Skit round.
House tours.
Pref night.

Because for one, I have my life back!

Rush is over. It's bittersweet really, after all those hours we put into practicing each and everyday. I now longer have an excuse to not do my homework anymore, but ADPi ended up with some of Carolina's best (and I must say prettiest) girls. From the first round to pref night, I absolutely loved getting to know the girls visiting our house while getting closer to the girls already in my sorority. Rush is a crazy whirlwind of no sleep, mouth aches from smiling so much, and sore bodies, but it probably will remain a highlight of this year. Rush might not be for everyone, but I grew to love (almost) every minute of it.

My best friend is getting married. I woke up to a text with a picture of her ring that read, get ready to start planning a wedding! I don't think I have hyperventilated the way I did that morning. Holy crap. I am so happy for her, and couldn't be more excited for her and her fiancee to start their life together. So in the midst of school and everything going on this year, I have a wedding to help plan. Procrastination at its finest. But I could scream I am so excited for May 12th, 2012.

And on to the last life update. I decided to live in a house next year with my girls right off campus, and I am already about to jump off the wall in excitement. (I've been in this incredible mood ever since I got back to Chapel Hill so please excuse my "I can hardly contain my excitement" expressions). It's going to be so nice, relaxing, and perfect for junior year--I can already feel it.


  1. I feel like my junior year is going so well too! Love the rush pics-we only rush in the winter so we can't wear cute sundresses! That's so exciting your friend is getting married, can't wait to hear more about the wedding planning.

  2. Yay for helping me with my wedding! Lord knows I'm gonna need it BAD. Don't know what I would do without you, I love you!

  3. Congrats for your friend getting married! How exciting and recruitment looks like a ton of fun!


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