Monday, August 8, 2011

August Goals

After almost a month, I'm back. And I was right, the month of July flew by before I could hardly catch my breath. The month was filled with long days of work, a weekend trip to celebrate a dear friend's birthday, and shopping dates with mom. But now I can hardly fathom that I head back to Carolina in just 10 days for my second year.

The feeling of going back is quite different than last year. There's a peace and an excitement for this semester to begin. I'm ready to see my friends, I'm ready for the Summit on Sunday mornings, I'm ready for fall classes, I'm ready for mixers and cocktails and sorority living. Fall might not be the beginning of a new year, but it always seems like a fresh start.

My goals for these next 10 days/the rest of this crazy month:
  • capture some last summer pictures to hang up in the sorority room.
  • email teachers about study abroad recommendations.
  • search for more job/internship opportunities on campus for the fall.
  • organize, organize, organize and pack, pack, pack for school.
  • shop for new school supplies.
  • read The Help and Water for Elephants poolside.
  • catch up with friends I haven't been able to see all summer.
  • find some new music artists to update itunes.
  • kick up my workouts.
Compliments of pinterest. Football season is right around the corner, and even though Carolina has been bombarded by controversy lately, I can't help but be pumped for tailgates and the energy that surrounds campus on game day.


  1. your going to have so much fun when you get back to school! Hope you get everything thing accomplished that you want to!

  2. I am so excited for football season too! I am nominating you for an award today! Check out my blog later if you get a chance! :)


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