Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life is precious.

I will preface this post by stating what a week it has been.

Crazy how in a split second, life can just throw you for a loop. Tonight, on my way home from work, I got into a car accident. I first should add it was raining, the first part of this week has not been the easiest, and I was feeling dehydrated and drained from the sun. Okay so. I got into the wrong lane to exit on the highway and while attempting to merge into the other turn lane to make a u-turn so I wouldn't have to backtrack a car behind me came up fast and smashed into my driver's side mirror and front fender. Awesome luck, right? I hate changing lanes in the first place, but I honestly did not see him whip up that fast. And as we continued to block traffic for the next twenty minutes to wait on the dreadfully slow police to get there, I of course was a nervous wreck. That feeling you get when you hear another car crush yours, in the pit of your stomach, man I do not ever want to experience that again. Oh and the best part of standing outside in the dripping rain with a dead phone and smelling like camp lake water? It was just a little past rush hour on one of the busiest roads in Raleigh. I'm sure it was a sight.

As much as I can complain about what happened and feel sorry for myself, the accident was in a way a reminder. Perfection is something I can never attain. Just when I feel like my life is going the way I want it to and everything is lining up in a neat little fashion, I get knocked down a few notches. Which is probably the best thing for me at the moment. I don't believe for a second that some purpose is behind it either. I have to be thankful for the man behind the other wheel, for him keeping calm throughout the whole ordeal, and that neither of us were hurt. For all I know, if I turned my steering wheel a couple more inches to the left, I could have become paralyzed, or worse. My sweet little Honda did teach me a life lesson or two tonight. I'm not invincible, and life is precious.


  1. So thankful you are OK! Praying for you!

  2. Thank you so much, it's been a rough day but I'm just glad everything is alright!

  3. o my god I'm so sorry! that sounds terrifying, I hope you are doing all right!

  4. Oh my goodness! So glad you are ok!

  5. what a great reminder that life is precious! glad you are doing alright!

  6. GREAT blog! i love it so much! you have great style and are so inspirational! i love it! if you get the chance to check out my blog i would love for you to tell me what your opinions are on it! it'd be wonderful to hear what you think! :)

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