Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Going to the Chapel

Twine wrapped peonies, aren't you just in love?
This weekend I'm headed to Maryland for my cousin's wedding. Since it's in a small town, I can go ahead and predict that it will be a big to-do. It'll be near the waterfront, and I've been looking forward to this trip for almost a month. I'm so happy for my cousin, she's gone through a lot and she deserves her happy ending. All I've got to do is pack and slip my new turquoise dress and heels in the suitcase and we'll be on the road.

Going to Maryland, especially for a wedding, is bittersweet. This will be the third time I've stayed at my grandparents' house without my grandmother. I know how much she loved big events like this, where she could dress up in her fancy attire. After this bit of time has passed since she passed away though, the loss is becoming real. I miss her. She was such a thoughtful, warm person, and I wish I could say that she'll be sitting on the front row at my wedding one day. But on a more optimistic note, I know that she is experiencing an eternal happiness worth more than any day on earth, even a wedding day, can offer. She might not be celebrating with us this weekend, but she's celebrating with her heavenly family.

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