Friday, February 25, 2011


Oh how happy I am for you to be here!

This week's highlights:
Suitemate's birthday. (Which included the most wondrous chocolate and cream cheese icing cupcakes!)
Alvin Ailey Dance Theater.
Blog browsing in ADPi's dining room.
NC State Campus Crusade's worship night.
Rockstars & Groupies cocktail tonight. I'm dressing up as JLo, don't judge.
Casino night tomorrow. I want to win the iPad. I want to win the iPad.

Next week's to-do list:
Daily work outs. But really, Julie. Get on the treadmill.
One mid-term exam.
One five page paper.
Numerous assignments.
Read my Poli book.
Get my camera fixed.
Pack for Surfside Beach, South Carolina. Ready to get my lounge on.

In other news...

This weather makes me want to sit outside and paint. And listen to Zac Brown Band, and pretend it's summer.

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