Thursday, February 3, 2011

Coffee stains and Caribou cups

Let me preface this post with the fact that I might be a graceful ballerina and all, but I could possibly be the most clumsy person alive.

I walk into Caribou (my usual study spot) order a plain decaf coffee, sit down, boot up the Mac, lift my cup up to take a sip and bam. The lid slides right off and there goes steaming coffee all down my nice skinny jeans. Cute, right? Now I can't even bear getting out my notes to review for my exam (eek!) tomorrow because my pants are literally drenched in coffee. Not that I mind the smell, just the embarrassment. Heh, okay back to studying. Or let me be realistic here, I'll probably get back to reading the rest of this Caribou cup, listening to some Ron Pope, and hoping no one sits next to me.


  1. Oh no! I had a similar thing happen with a latte years ago and I still double-check the top before I sip haha!

  2. Oh my word that is awful. I remember in college we could order coffee and have it delivered to the room we were in. This was usually a complete disaster.



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