Sunday, December 26, 2010

Two Thousand and Ten

What a year.
With the snow falling six inches deep outside, keeping me snuggled inside for the morning with endless cups of coffee and homemade lattes, I have some time to reflect on what the year Two Thousand and Ten has brought.
  • Second semester senior year. A trying time for me, I can remember praying for high school to end, I was so ready to get out of there. Those months were filled with both good and bad. I learned to persevere and love my (fr)enemies; I learned the value of true friendships. I fell in love with my newspaper position and knew I would miss it greatly. Loved the laid-back feel in my classes after receiving my acceptance letter, hated being idle. Prom, Charleston, graduation. Looking back, it flew by, despite my feelings at the time that it could never come soon enough.
  • A lovely summer. The first of which I mostly stayed home, working at a summer camp and enjoying time off. Stayed away from relationships and got back on my own two feet, becoming genuinely content with being single for the first time in a long time. Visited my grandmother for the final time, met my beautiful new cousins, spent time with my best friends. Entered the blogging world.
  • Entire semester at college. Phew. Never would I have guessed college would have been so busy. I got through it, blessed by the formation of new friendships and suitemates who continually demonstrate Christ's love. Love my sorority, love my campus. Struggles came with old friends, but I couldn't bear to lose the lifelong treasure that only they can possess. Began to meddle through my passions, grew a desire to study in Spain for a semester next year. Cocktail parties, finals, my 19th birthday. Tough choices and experiences. Tears, celebration, concentration, and laughter encapsulated these past few months.
Who knows what the year Two Thousand and Eleven will bring.

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  1. Can't even find words to tell you how much you were missed in journalism. (See, I'm even writing about it in passive voice; it was that rough.) So glad life at UNC is awesome. I knew it would be... :) We miss you!


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