Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'll Be Home For Christmas

I'm home I'm home I'm home! I was so ready to throw all my crap in the car, hit the road, and head back to Raleigh after my last exam. It was probably the most beautiful feeling in the world, to finally be free from those long days of intense note-taking, highlighting, and paper-writing. Oh, and of course studying my tush off. Worst part of college by far.

But it's over, and I am overcome with joy.

First off, let me make a few points.
Point A: You never know how amazing a queen sized bed feels after you've been sleeping on a nasty worn-out twin sized one at college. Especially after you've been told that your room used to be the room of two gross freshman boys.

Point B: The only bad part about breaks is being away from the rooms/suitemates. Love y'all.

Point C: Why have I not listened to Train until now, besides their overplayed singles that is? They are incred. Parachute is a current favorite.

Point D: I'm convinced Kate Middleton is flawless. Not only is she engaged to Prince William, she's freaking gorgeous. And I'm a teensy eensy bit jealous, if you couldn't tell. I want her wardrobe, her sapphire ring, her hair. Ugh some people just have it all.

Point E: Flash raves are scary. And so are psychological thrillers involving Swan Lake melodies. Quite horrifying, actually.

Point F: I. Am. Going. To. Blog. More. No more finalssss! Take that Chapel Hill education. All A's and 1 B, what up, I think I can handle you. Maybe I'll even apply for the DTH next semester?

Point G: I'm 19. What an awkward age. It's sort of like 17, but not as cool because you're in college now, not high school. But holy wow next year I'll be 20, which sounds way more legit.

Point I: Have I mentioned how good it is to be home?

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  1. OMG I just got home yesterday and I was just thinking you never realize how good you had it living with your parents until you leave when I was sitting in a bath yesterday. And I am currently obsessed with Kate Middleton as well! Same wave lengths?


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