Tuesday, August 10, 2010

College Bucket List

So, I got inspired by a blog I follow to create my own "bucket list" for these next few years while I'm away. I feel as though attaining goals can be somewhat daunting at first, however I really want to see how many I can achieve. Some of these things are silly and others are serious, but here we go!
  1. Be independent. And financially stable.
  2. Take a class in something I've never heard of.
  3. Study abroad.
  4. Travel to Spain.
  5. Stay out all night. And pull an all-nighter.
  6. Learn how to cook. Well.
  7. Be a part of my school's media, whether that be a student publication or some other outlet.
  8. Go for a leadership position.
  9. Keep up with yoga. And perhaps become a yoga instructor? (Hm, that might be a little far-fetched.)
  10. Be open and willing to embark into new relationships.
  11. Go on a spontaneous road trip.
  12. Find something I love and pursue it wholeheartedly.
I think I'm going to write this list down in my new Lilly agenda too...I'm actually siked about starting classes just so I can write down assignments in this! :)


  1. I really am wanting to do a bucket list too. I am seeing them everywhere! Yay for the agenda!!! I love mine!

  2. I have been so excited for class to start so I can finally write in the agenda! And you bucket list sounds great!

  3. Love it!! You've inspired me to create my own bucket list. Perhaps one of the "30 before 30" ones. :o)

  4. Bucket lists are such a great idea!! I love your blog! The colors, the layout, the posts :-)

  5. Becoming a yoga instructor is a great idea and not too far fetched! My mom taught exercise classes in college and she always says its a great way to make money and get paid to work out! Go for it!

  6. This is so fun!! Enjoy it every minute of it...

  7. Ok, you have inspired me to do a Bucket List..I am 37, is that too old? LOL

    I have that agenda...BE CAREFUL, the elestic band broke! Preppy Princess told me that they are having a few issues with it:( (from manufactorer)


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