Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weekend Playlist

I cannot believe this week is over! How crazy is it that tomorrow morning I'll be heading back to the hustle and bustle of everything college. It's such a bittersweet thing for me, since I can definitely be a homebody. Point is, I've hardly done anything this week except eat. sleep. occasionally work out. excessively shop. and finally, listen to my current favorite tunes on repeat. Here's the current playlist.
1) Magic / Dynamite :: Clef Hangers. LISTEN. So amazing, y'all. They are an incredible group and make my heart flutter a million times a second.
2) Firework :: Katy Perry. I don't even care, I'm obsessed.
3) Johnny and June :: Heidi Newfield. Thanks suiteemate!
4) New Morning :: Alpha Rev. Came across this artist randomly, and gosh, I love this.
5) Grenade :: Bruno Mars. His voice makes me melt.
6) Little Lion Man :: Mumford and Sons. I really like this band, like a lot. My friend Natalie introduced them to me, and it's starting an addiction.
7) Dear John :: Taylor Swift. Oh Tay Tay, you never disappoint.
8) Country Strong :: Gwyneth Paltrow. Makes me want springtime with the windows rolled down...


  1. Thanks for being a new follower and entering my giveaway!
    i agree, t.swift never disappoints! i love her new cd :) and i surprisingly like that country strong song as well !
    hope you have a great weekend !

  2. I always love the music you listen too! You may need to help me with this whole blogger can get confusing! haha


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