Tuesday, January 25, 2011

JOMC 101 Introduction.

Journalism 101 Section 951

My name is Julie Mayo, and I'm a freshman here at Carolina. Only a skip and a hop away, Raleigh is my hometown, and I have lived there, in the same house, all my life. From the moment I could read, I've been hooked to all types of media, and now I can hardly go a day without reading or writing something. After serving as Editor-In-Chief of my high school newspaper, I fell in love with both print news and graphic design. I plan to major in Public Relations and Advertising in the J School as of now -- I am memorized by the flexibility and uniqueness this field has to offer. Whether this means designing an ad or interacting with clients, PR holds the power to influence while also still allowing for creativity. I ultimately hope to work in publicity for a ballet company, but who knows what the future holds. Having a friend that works for CBS news in New York City, I also desire to explore broadcast television more in depth, specifically reporting positions. Through this class, I wish to gain insight and an appreciation for all the forms of media. Media influxes my life daily; I am constantly bombarded with e-mails and the Internet, I can find news stories at the click of a mouse, and I can even create my own radio station at my fingertips. Even though I have the freedom to choose what I want to watch, read, or listen to on a daily basis, it's no secret that the media affects how I perceive American society as well as other cultures.

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  1. what a lovely little intro, pretty lady! here's another little something something which may brighten your week :) xoxo {av}


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