Monday, January 24, 2011

Mondays call for ibuprofen and coffee.

And lots of it. In the past three hours, I've successfully researched study abroad programs, browsed about twenty blogs, and I've hardly read half a chapter in my PR book. I've done anything but actual work. But you know what, I think everyone needs an afternoon like this once in awhile. An afternoon of sitting in a Caribou, talking to friends, looking at pictures of things you like and reading stories that make you smile. And perhaps getting some reading done in between. So happy Monday, everyone. You have the rest of the week to worry about what has to be accomplished, so why not just take a few hours to detox and have a little time to yourself?


  1. amen sister. This sounds like me all over! haha. So glad I am not alone.

  2. That's always how I spend my Mondays! Just getting up for class is enough productivity for a Monday! ;)

  3. aw, i love that fruit loop heart!

  4. Apart from the coffee and ibuprofen part, I can totally relate. If I'm not careful, I can easily be distracted by lovely blogs for hours, and it usually occurs on a Monday when I'm not quite ready to start the week. :)

    Thanks for stopping by recently. I love how in your 'about me' you describe yourself as a recovering perfectionist, because that describes me perfectly. When I was younger I thought it was a great quality to have doing everything with excellence, but now in my early 30's I see how it can do a lot of harm to our personal growth too. It's always a work in progress....

    Have a wonderful day!


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