Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

Thank God it's the day before Friday. Which means one more full week until Thanksgiving break! ::victory dance::

Yesterday threw me for a loop. Assignments kept seeming to build up, my body was drained, class scheduling was a nightmare, and putting pointe shoes on for the firsttime in five months made my feet throb. You know, not that I'm complaining or anything. But I sure am ready to spend time with my family, catch up on sleep, and just chilllll (even though I know I'll be spending most of the break racking my brain for a topic to write about for my creative paper for English).

Since it's been awhile, here's my current obsessions list:
Glee's Teenage Dream this week, Top O before cocktails, yoga unit in LFIT, Caribou's chai tea, bright red nail polish, the new Harry Potter trailer, afternoon naps, oatmeal for breakfast, orange gerber daisies from ADPi, Tay Swift's new album, and the following three pictures with my girls.

1 comment:

  1. love love loveddd the teenage dream song!! i would love for glee to do more a capella!


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